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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) - Safe & Low Price Solution

Protect Hosting Anti Ddos attack plan Security

The www presents a lawless landscape to those just entering the world of cyber marketing. A landscape peopled with hackers, shoulder surfers, war chalkers and highly organized, extremely proficient, international gangs of site pirates. Attacks can come from anywhere at any time and take a variety of forms - brute force, dictionary attacks, shell sites (they look just like yours!), over 7,000 identified worms and viruses - the list is endless and growing as organized crime discovers the profitability of on-line lawlessness. Low risk, high reward. Easy pickings.

Our anti Ddos attack plan is designed to cater small and medium businesses or websites so that you can get the best protection in a nominal price. It assures that your business ever experiences a halt.

Get Protected against Ddos attacks
Anti Ddos attack - Market plan
DDoS protection upto 500 Mbps of intensity.
15 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case of dissatisfaction
2 GB web space / 40 GB monthly transfer
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  • Anti Ddos attack - Bussiness plan
    DDoS protection upto 1000 Mbps of intensity.
    15 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case of dissatisfaction
    5 GB web space / 80 GB monthly transfer
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    Note: We don't accept porno, warez, irc on these plans(read Terms and conditions).

    Proactive (Not Reactive) Site Security

    The fact is - if you, your webmaster or your web hosting company are simply reacting to injections or attacks, you've already got problems. That's why Protect Hosting goes proactive in defending our web hosting servers and your business from any kind of intrusion. The most popular mode of attack is called Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS. Lethal to any on-line business because it targets individual websites and host servers, in effect pirating the entire server network. The digital door to your on-line business is open. The bad guys can simply walk in - and you may not even know it. Imagine the impact a DDoS attack would have on your business. Potentially lethal. Certainly a big headache.

    One of the Few Self-Defending Networks in the Web Hosting Industry

    With Protect Hosting, there's much more.

    • Customized Cisco Security Technology
    • The Protect Hosting hosting network utilizes its own, bleeding edge security technology from Cisco Systems to keep your site safe from injections, attacks and intrusions.
    • Traffic to your site undergoes rigorous scrutiny. Data isn't just screened and filtered - it's scrubbed clean.
    • Only when a packet passes through numerous static and dynamic filters does it make its way to your inbox. Protect your inbox even further with advanced spam protection, which is offered with every web hosting account we offer.

    A "Self-Defending Network" works in 3 Stages during an Attack:

    • Detect
    • Activate: Automatically
    • Divert Only Target's Traffic - Allows Non-targeted traffic to flow freely. Allows Malicious traffic to be dropped before getting into the network infrastructure. Only Traffic Destined for the Targeted Device Is Diverted to the Cisco Guard XT, Which Returns "Clean" Transactions Back to the System.

    Protect Hosting Delivers The Highest Level of Security Available

    • Filters to detect spoofs & other malware
    • Dynamic filters that block specific attack flows & their sources
    • Proprietary algorithms to detect anomalies & identify attacks and sources
    • 'Smart' filters that allow non-targeted traffic to flow freely with dynamic parameters to assess packet safety.
    • Full, end-point security enforcement
    • Top-down network device protection

    Complete & secure connectivity

    • Real-time, dynamic interaction between all security elements to create a virtual blockade against attack
    • Total automation. This service only available for? these special plans.

    So, whether you're already plugged into the grid, or planning to stake your claim on a little piece of digital real estate, call us today. Our knowledgeable web hosting tech-team will get you hooked up and running in just a few hours. Sleep at night knowing that your e-biz is built within the guarded & protected walls of the Protect Hosting fortress of security.

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